General Information

Established in 1958, Beijing Changping Vocational School, National Reform and Development School, National Key Vocational School and Beijing Modernized Model Vocational School, is the designated etiquette volunteers training base for international conferences and events.

An average of 3700 students are studying at CPVS, our school offers 39 majors, 82 orientation specialties, including Automobile Maintenance, Aviation Service, Preschool Education, Horticulture, Digital Technology, Chinese and Western Cuisine, Ice and Snow Sports. The 3 departments of Automobile Maintenance, Aviation Service and Digital Technology were awarded Beijing Vocational Colleges Innovation Team.


Mr Duan Fusheng, the president of CPVS, is well-known as the National Advanced Worker, the National Vocational Education Advanced Individual, China's Vocational Education Outstanding President, Beijing Outstanding President and Beijing Model Worker.

School Honors
  • National Key Vocational School
  • National Reform and Development Demonstration Vocational School
  • National Vocational Education Advanced Unit
  • National Rural Labor Transfer Training Advanced Unit
  • National Secondary Vocational Schools Moral Education Advanced Unit
  • National Model Home of Workers
  • National Moral Education Advanced Unit
  • Beijing Modernized Model Vocational School
  • Beijing Vocational Education Advanced Unit
  • Capital City Civilized Pacesetter Unit
Contact Us

Address:Song Lanpu,Shahe,Changping District,Beijing,China




Exchanges and Cooperations

In Cooperation with many famous enterprises,higher vocational colleges and international vocational schools,CPVS offers students opportunities for further education.

In Cooperation with Georgian College, Canada School-enterprise cooperation with PPG International etiquette training by American experts
The establishment of the Alliance of Sino-German Vocational Education for Innovative Learning Study tour in Singapore International students summer camp
3+2 College Pathway
Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture
Beijing College of Finance and Commerce
Beijing Information Technology College
Beijing Polytechnic
Beijing City University
Beijing Vocational College of Transportation

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Add:Songlanpu,Shahe town,Changping District,Beijing Tel:010-69732142

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